Rapid Response for Catastrophic Accidents Only


OSHA Factory Worker

A safe and healthy work environment helps employees be more productive and feel more secure on the job site. It saves time and money for the employer in reduced workers’ compensation claims, fewer accident investigations, and less down time dealing with the investigatory process. We work with, employers, contractors, safety directors, risk managers, safety officials, and human resource personnel, as well as insurance brokers, to develop effective safety programs. In an environment replete with both federal and state regulations, we help our business partners understand the applicable regulations for a specific workplace.

When accidents do occur, we are ready to help, immediately. We maintain a rapid response phone line, manned on a 24/7 basis, so that we can assist in investigations right away. We send our lawyers and investigators to the scene during the crisis management stage and secure on-site witness recollections and preserve evidence. We assist our clients during the initial phase of OSHA investigations, when the agency uses its broad powers to determine possible violations. If violations are alleged, we have the experience and knowledge to handle the defense of your business.