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Title IX & Institutional Response

Led by Jeremy Abidiwan-Lupo and Alison Fleming, the Title IX & Institutional Response Group at Fowler, Hirtzel, McNulty & Spaulding provides wrap-around crisis management services to our clients in the public, private, college and university setting. We handle all aspects of Title IX, VAWA & Clery Act policy preparation, compliance guidance, reporting, training, investigations, advising and adjudication.

Our Title IX & Institutional Response Team offers a collaborative process for policy audit and drafting, as well as continuing education training and materials as required for both publication to your institution’s website and in-person training. Our policy audits offer a valuable supplemental resource to your institution, including auxiliary audit services to ensure internally drafted policies are procedurally and substantively consistent with both current regulations and your institution’s core beliefs. We also edit and review Code of Conduct policies and grievance procedures outside of the presently promulgated regulations. Our training is offered to all stakeholders, including general community members, students, faculty, employees and decision-makers. While our training materials will be offered for publication, our Rapid Response Team offers around-the clock and continuing education services whenever questions or concerns arise.

With decades of combined civil and criminal experience, our team touts a true command of the rules of procedure and evidence. Title IX adjudicators are required to absorb, assess and analyze evidence in the balanced but bubbled world of a particular institution’s policies and presently promulgated federal regulations. Our team, which has tried countless criminal and civil trials to jury and defended through appeal, is uniquely situated to assess evidence, determine relevancy and offer thoughtful outcome reports as adjudicators. The breadth of our background as civil litigators makes us uniquely qualified to identify and appreciate the heightened exposure to all Title IX participants and proceed with care and caution in everything we do.

Likewise, our extensive civil and criminal trial experience makes us uniquely qualified and valued advisors. With current federal regulations requiring live examination of Title IX grievance process participants, schools should look for knowledgeable advisors skilled in the art of cross-examination, which is exactly what you’ll find in with our Title IX & Institutional Response Group. With experience in interviewing and cross-examining alleged victims, perpetrators, professional and lay witness at trial, our team offers an unparalleled range of criminal, civil, and institutional experience in this realm, with the benefit of appreciating the impact that each question has on the ultimate result and appeals process.

Our Title-IX investigations are supported by the firm’s nationally recognized Rapid Response Team which has implemented critical structural supports for time-sensitive and intensive investigations. Our team is engineered to be able to quickly and efficiently respond to your Title IX or other Code of Conduct investigations and reporting needs. To that end, we offer a toll-free 1-800 number to guarantee that every call is answered. While contacting our individual attorneys directly is always an option, our toll-free number is staffed twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week by Sexual Misconduct trained attorneys to fulfill our promise of accessibility to our clients on their terms, not ours. It is our experience that involvement at the earliest opportunity provides the greatest level of service to our clients in the investigation of claims and incidents. Sexual Misconduct, Title IX violations and other crises can occur at any time. We guarantee that we will be here for you every time.

For more information, please contact Jeremy Abidiwan-Lupo at 215-789-4847.

For Rapid Response, please call 1-800-281-4461.

Fowler, Hirtzel, McNulty & Spaulding are institutional members of the SUNY Student Conduct Institute

For access to pertinent training materials, please click here: https://system.suny.edu/sci/postedtraining