Rapid Response for Catastrophic Accidents Only

Special Investigations Unit

Led by former District Attorney Alison Fleming, the Special Investigations Unit is on the front lines fighting false and fraudulent claims on behalf of insurance companies and their insureds. Our attorneys bring their extensive trial experience and investigation skills to advise and defend their clients against non-meritorious claims.

The Special Investigations Unit relies upon our attorneys’ backgrounds in law enforcement and increasing use of technology, data and analytics to help identify and combat questionable claims through the identification of patterns of fraudulent conduct and networks. Our attorneys conduct first-party investigations including examinations under oath and coverage opinions for claims involving PIP, fire and casualty losses, multi-jurisdictional rate evasion, suspected arsons, and suspicious thefts and personal articles policy disappearances. We also investigate medical provider fraud, attorney solicitation in third-party suits, and unreasonable and abusive billing procedures in litigation. Our team works closely with both local and national fraud-fighting agencies, including the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), International Association of Special Investigation Units (IASIU), and local and federal law enforcement to bring a collaborative and comprehensive services to our clients.

For questions regarding our Special Investigations Unit, please contact Alison Fleming at 215-607-3892 or afleming@fhmslaw.com.