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Arson & Fire Investigation

Arson Fire Investigation

We have deep and varied experience in handling losses caused by fire.

Joe McNulty has developed an area of knowledge in the investigation and defense of fire cases. Mr. McNulty is frequently retained in the early stages of fire claims to assist in the investigation and development of the claim, including the investigation of potential arson. Many of these claims involve catastrophic loss. He is intimately familiar with the precise evidence needed to determine the source of cause and origin, as well as to determine the location of the fire’s origin. Mr. McNulty has lectured statewide on issues of fire investigation and spoliation.

In a civil jury trial, Mr. McNulty successfully defended an electrician accused of having caused a multi-million dollar fire at the West Shore Farmer’s Market in Harrisburg. He has also handled numerous personal injury and property damage lawsuits with claims alleging negligent wiring, a product defect claim, or misuse of hazardous materials.

  • Joseph F. McNulty was retained immediately following the loss by oxygen concentrator manufacturer to lead the investigation into a house fire in western Pennsylvania purportedly caused by the product. Examined the product and fire scene with cause, origin, and mechanical experts, along with Plaintiff’s subrogation counsel and his experts. Convinced opposing counsel to take the product to an independent product expert, who promptly examined the product in the presence of both counsel, and determined it to have been a victim of the fire, not a cause of the fire. No subrogation was pursued.
  • Joseph F. McNulty was retained immediately by carrier for electrician to lead the investigation into a fire in central Pennsylvania. Prompt and thorough investigation by counsel, cause and origin, and electrical experts revealed that the scene had been changed significantly from the time of the fire to the time of the inspection just days later. The failure to identify and preserve all of the relevant evidence was set forth in detail and no subrogation was pursued because of the spoliation.
  • Joseph F. McNulty was retained in a jury trial in York County. The trial involved 3 consolidated cases, as a result of a fire destroying multiple show horses, the stable, and entire riding facility. The fire purportedly started as a result of spontaneous combustion of our clients’ hay. The fire was the subject of extensive testimony among multiple fire and origin experts. Multiple horse valuations were also produced. Defense verdict was returned for the hay farmer.
  • Joseph F. McNulty obtained a defense verdict in a jury trial for an electrician accused of having caused a multi-million dollar fire at the West Shore Farmer’s market.