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Court Grants Spaulding and Fleming’s Motion for Summary Judgment

Andrew Spaulding and Alison Fleming recently obtained summary judgment in a products liability matter. Plaintiff claimed that she was struck with pieces of an automotive battery powering a vegetable lift that exploded while she was working in a food plant. Following the incident, the battery was discarded. Plaintiff not only failed to preserve the battery… Read More ❯

U.S. Supreme Court Shows Interest in FAAAA Preemption Case

By: Joseph R. Fowler and Matthew D. Vodzak The Supreme Court of the United States shows interest in a case about preemption of state tort lawsuits against freight brokers. FHMS Partners, Joseph Fowler and Matthew Vodzak, discuss the case in their recent article. Click here for the full article. 

Hirtzel, Lettieri, Novak Win Motion to Dismiss Breach of Insurance Contract

By: Gregory Hirtzel, Frances Lettieri, and Benjamin Novak FHMS attorneys Gregory Hirtzel, Frances Lettieri, and Benjamin Novak recently secured a dismissal in a federal case involving an alleged breach of insurance contract. The decision reinforces the rule that coverage under a liability insurance policy is not triggered unless there is a claim by a third… Read More ❯

A Case for Why the First Manifestation Rule Should be Applied in Construction Defect Cases

By: Gregory S. Hirtzel and Benjamin P. Novak The first manifestation rule is straightforward to apply, derived from policy language, and consistent with the notion that insurance exists to cover fortuitous losses. Recently, however, there has been a push in Pennsylvania to replace the first manifestation rule with the “continuous” or “triple” trigger rule in construction… Read More ❯

Joseph Fowler

Joseph Fowler Named Leader of The Gavel Transportation Group

FHMS Partner Joseph Fowler was chosen to lead the Transportation Group of The Gavel, a national claims defense network. The group consists of vetted attorneys throughout the country who have significant experience defending transportation cases. Under his leadership, the Transportation Group plans to be a collaborative resource for advancing the defense of these cases across… Read More ❯

Pennsylvania Superior Court Fast Tracks Personal Jurisdiction Case on Consent

By: Matthew Vodzak The Pennsylvania Supreme Court will decide whether Pennsylvania’s long arm personal jurisdiction statute is constitutional. That statute permits Pennsylvania to exercise general personal jurisdiction over foreign companies that are registered to do business in Pennsylvania. FHMS Partner Matt Vodzak provides insight on how the Pennsylvania Supreme Court might rule. Click here to… Read More ❯

Damian Taranto

Damian Taranto Speaks at CLM Course – The Use of Technology in the Preservation of Evidence: A Valuable Tool in Claims Resolution

Damian Taranto, a partner in the Philadelphia Office of FHMS, presented at a CLM course in Chicago on June 15, 2018, regarding comprehensive data collection and the role it plays in the early resolution of claims. During his presentation, Taranto discussed the ways in which carriers and companies look to technology to assist in proactive… Read More ❯

Spaulding and Taranto Speak on Vehicle Data

Andrew Spaulding and Damian Taranto spoke on “Identifying and Managing Fleet Vehicle Data” at The Graham Company’s Fleet Safety Workshop. Their presentation focused on the vast amount of data that is present in both DOT and non-DOT fleet vehicles and strategies and best practices that employers can use to manage this data.

FHMS Lawyers Named Super Lawyers and Rising Stars

Fowler Hirtzel McNulty & Spaulding is pleased to announce that the following attorneys have been selected to the 2018 Pennsylvania Super Lawyers list: Joseph R. Fowler, William L. Thrall, III, Gregory S. Hirtzel. The Super Lawyer designation is limited to no more than 5 percent of the lawyers in Pennsylvania. FHMS is also pleased to… Read More ❯