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Novak Wins Summary Judgment in Construction Dispute

Ben Novak of the Lancaster office for FHMS Law recently won summary judgment for the firm’s client, a municipal water authority, in a construction dispute involving claims of unforeseen conditions and project delays. The plaintiff, a municipal utility contractor, installed a water main in the municipality, but claimed to have encountered unforeseen conditions, which allegedly… Read More ❯

Jury net verdict $700 in liability case with expert estimated medical expenses of $285,000

Restaurant franchise obtains $700 net verdict in difficult liability case where Plaintiff’s future care expert estimated Plaintiff’s future medical expenses could exceed $285,000. Attorneys Gregory Hirtzel & Benjamin Novak   Plaintiff sustained a non, or minimally, displaced fracture to her left elbow and soft tissue injuries when she fell in the lobby of the Defendant… Read More ❯

Jury Verdict of $8,670 With $31,000 Boarded in Disc Herniation Trial

Jury returns net verdict of $8,670 in case of clear liability where plaintiff was alleging cervical disc herniation and Boarded $31,000. Greg Hirtzel, with the assistance of Ben Novak, recently had a jury in West Chester, Pa., return a verdict in the gross amount of $10,200 reduced by the assessed comparative negligence of the wife… Read More ❯