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Matthew Vodzak Files Amicus Brief in Pennsylvania Supreme Court

Matthew Vodzak recently filed an amicus curiae brief in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court on behalf of the Philadelphia Association of Defense Counsel. PADC is a nonprofit association of approximately 300 lawyers from the five-county Philadelphia area. PADC protects and advances the interests of civil defendants and their counsel, shares knowledge within the defense trial bar, speaks for civil defendants and their interests in the administration of justice, and encourages the highest standards of professional conduct.

The case is Gussom v. Teagle, No. 12 WAP 2020. The issue before the Court is the interpretation of the “Lamp Rule,” which requires plaintiffs to make a good-faith effort to provide defendants with notice of a lawsuit’s filing to toll the statute of limitations. PADC argued that the Lamp Rule should require a plaintiff use reasonable diligence to provide notice to a defendant, a standard that protects the rights of defendants and plaintiffs.  It is expected that the Supreme Court will issue its decision in the next year.