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Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the City of Philadelphia has ordered a shutdown of all non-essential businesses starting on March 17th and continuing until March 27th. All Philadelphia Courts will be closed until April 6th. Please note that the counties in PA do not have uniformity in this crisis. Some courts are open and others are not.

The Philadelphia office location will be closed until March 27.  However, it is still business as usual for all of our folks. We have made a substantial investment in technology. All of our attorneys, paralegals and admins will be working remotely with full capabilities. All personnel will have access to firm files. Our attorneys will keep regular business hours and continue to handle your cases. We will be able to receive anything that requires our attention via email and we are always available by telephone. Our cell phones numbers are included in the signature block at the bottom of our emails. Please don’t hesitate to call our cells. Our rapid response team is still available and can be reached at 1-877-999-7678. We have incorporated COVID-19 precautions so that we can accomplish our goals while keeping everyone safe.

The health and safety of our FHMS family and clients is paramount. We will do our best to make our remote work process as seamless as possible. We wish you and your families the best during these difficult times.

Please contact fhmslaw@fhmslaw.com for more updates.

Thank you,

Joe Fowler

Greg Hirtzel

Joe McNulty

Andrew Spaulding