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Frances Lettier

Lettieri Presents at IRMI Conference

Frances Lettieri, a partner in Fowler Hirtzel McNulty & Spaulding’s Insurance Coverage and Bad Faith Department, recently addressed the 38th International Risk Management Institute conference. Ms. Lettieri delivered a presentation entitled “Effective Contractual Risk Transfers: The Power of Checklists.”

The presentation focused on ways in which construction risk professionals, insurance professionals, and other stakeholders in the construction process can utilize checklists to assist them in negotiating, drafting, and understanding contracts, especially the nuances of risk transfer agreements.

Ms. Lettieri stressed the importance of thoughtful negotiation during the risk transfer process to ensure that all parties understand the respective responsibilities of each party in the event of a loss. The use of a checklist can make sure that risk transfer goals are accomplished by each party.

The IRMI Construction Risk Conference brings together nearly 2,000 leading project owners, general contractors, subcontractors, developers, insurers insurance agents and brokers. This year’s conference was held in Houston, Texas.