Rapid Response for Catastrophic Accidents Only

Joseph R. Fowler

Fowler and Sparks to Speak at The Gavel’s National Conference

The Gavel, a nationwide network of vetted attorneys serving the insurance industry, will hold its 2nd annual conference from January 15th to the 17th in Boca Raton Florida. Among the business and industry professionals who will address the conference are two attorneys from Fowler Hirtzel McNulty& Spaulding. Firm managing partner Joe Fowler will chair a panel concerning the interplay between primary and excess carriers in catastrophic cases while John Sparks will lead a panel discussing the continually evolving relationship between defense counsel and insurance industry clients. The panel will focus on the trend toward objective grading of counsel performance, the steps innovative firms are taking to bring value to their clients and a frank review of what’s working and what’s not working in the relationship.