Rapid Response for Catastrophic Accidents Only

Damian M. Taranto

Damian Taranto Speaks at CLM Course – The Use of Technology in the Preservation of Evidence: A Valuable Tool in Claims Resolution

Damian Taranto, a partner in the Philadelphia Office of FHMS, presented at a CLM course in Chicago on June 15, 2018, regarding comprehensive data collection and the role it plays in the early resolution of claims.

During his presentation, Taranto discussed the ways in which carriers and companies look to technology to assist in proactive investigation of claims post-accident. Taranto used real-world examples and joined forces with other industry professionals to explain the acquisition and utilization of data that has proved critical to engineering analysis. Taranto outlined the numerous claims benefits of employing data-preservation technology, such as preserving evidence, avoiding spoliation, and reaching an early decision point on case value. He also walked his audience through the steps necessary to maximize the effectiveness of a post-accident response program.

The CLM is the largest professional association in the insurance business with a membership of more than 35,000 professionals in the claims resolution and litigation management industries.