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FHMS Recognized at Client Conference

FHMS received a number of awards at Westfield’s annual Defense Days meeting. Bill Thrall received an award for his creative case resolution of a Westfield matter Greg Hirtzel and John Sparks were recognized for their work with the Blue Ocean think tank, with Sparks named Blue Ocean  “MVP” for collaboration and issue analysis.

Bill Thrall received an Blue Ocean “OARS” award for his innovative case resolution strategy . Bill utilized early and aggressive expert review to counter a claim of Traumatic Brain Injury in a seemingly minor motor vehicle accident.  Faced with a 7 figure demand, Bill produced his expert reports and drove the case to mediation where it settled  for a fair number. The settlement avoided the time and expense of significant discovery.

Greg Hirtzel and John Sparks were both recognized for their continued work with the Westfield Blue Ocean think tank and Sparks was recognized as the Blue Ocean “MVP” for his ongoing collaboration and insight during the year. Hirtzel and Sparks have worked with the think tank since its inception. The group, made up of Westfield claims executives and outside counsel, works on defining and implementing changes to enhance file handling protocols to benefit Westfield’s insureds, as well as to streamline the claim professional/lawyer relationship.

Joe Fowler was previously recognized with a 2017 Blue Ocean award for his resolution of a workplace injury case that resulted in devastating and permanent injuries to the plaintiff.

The meeting, held at the Westfield home office in Ohio is an annual event held by the company to  recognize the outstanding work done by Westfield’s claim professionals and outside counsel.