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Michael F. Socha

Mike Socha Obtains Lancaster County Defense Verdict

A six day trial in Lancaster County arising from an alleged slip and fall ended with a verdict in favor of Mike Socha’s client, a snow removal contractor who Plaintiff alleged improperly performed snow removal services.   As a result of the alleged fall, Plaintiff claimed to have suffered a concussion and traumatic brain injury… Read More ❯

William Thrall

Bill Thrall Obtains Philadelphia County Defense Verdict

After an 8 day trial, Bill Thrall obtained a defense verdict for his insurance company client in an Underinsured Motorist jury trial held in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas before Judge Massiah-Jackson. Plaintiff claimed to have sustained traumatic brain injuries with related symptoms, including loss of memory, focus, and concentration. He also alleged significant… Read More ❯

FHMS Initials

Fowler and Campbell Obtain Defense Verdict in $18.5 Million Demand Case in Philadelphia County

Joe Fowler and Jacqueline Campbell obtained a defense verdict in a three-week trial in Philadelphia County. The Plaintiff sustained significant and permanent injuries after a tractor that he hot-wired ran over his foot. He alleged a crush injury to his foot, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, and an injury to his neck that required a cervical… Read More ❯

Eckell Successfully Defends Automobile Negligence Case Involving TBI

Lee Eckell successfully defended a national supermarket wholesaler at trial in an automobile negligence case. Plaintiff, a married forty-six year old union electrician with four children, had not returned to work after being rear-ended by Eckell’s client. He asserted a multi-million dollar economic loss claim along with permanent injuries to the neck, vestibular system and… Read More ❯

Quinn McCusker

McCusker Obtains Defense Verdict

Quinn McCusker of Fowler Hirtzel McNulty & Spaulding’s New Jersey office received a no cause/defense verdict for his client after a jury trial in Essex County, New Jersey. The plaintiff fell on interior stairs in an apartment building owned by our client. The 55 year old union insulator suffered a closed fracture of the right… Read More ❯

Coverage Department Success

Frances Lettieri argued a case to the Superior Court in which our client, a large insurance carrier wrote a general liability policy to a daycare. The daycare and its principals entered into a series of agreements related to a lease, which it allegedly breached. The daycare’s landlord brought suit to enforce these agreements. FHMS filed a… Read More ❯

William L. Thrall, III

Bill Thrall Defense Verdict

William Thrall received a defense verdict after three days of jury trial in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas.  The case arose from Plaintiff’s purchase of a used motor vehicle from our insured – a large Philadelphia car dealership.  Plaintiff alleged violations of the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Improvement Act and the Pennsylvania Unfair Trade Practices and… Read More ❯

Lee Eckell Resolution

Lee Eckell extricated his developer from a case in which a construction worker fell three stories and suffered severe injuries. When a subcontractor’s carrier repeatedly ignored a proper indemnification request, suit was brought against them. The carrier eventually accepted the tender without a reservation of rights and repaid the self-insured developer for legal fees and expenses…. Read More ❯

William L. Thrall, III

Bill Thrall Resolution

Bill Thrall used aggressive expert analysis to temper a Traumatic Brain Injury claim. The case originally had a seven figure demand.  The early reports led to the case getting to mediation quickly, where a fair resolution was reached without the need for extensive discovery.

Joseph R. Fowler

Fowler & Taranto Resolution

Joe Fowler and Damian Taranto used a 2 day mediation to settle a multi-million dollar case arising from a workplace accident. The case involved a power surge conveyor, life changing injuries ,multiple defendants and significant legal and factual disputes. The first day of mediation was with defendants only, in order to establish a hierarchy of liability…. Read More ❯

William L. Thrall, III

Bill Thrall Secures Defense Verdict

Bill Thrall received a defense verdict in a jury trial in Chester County. The case involved an alleged rear end hit to the plaintiff’s car by the defendant dump truck. The defendant driver denied that an impact occurred, or that if a minimal touch did happen, it was because plaintiff’s vehicle drifted into his truck…. Read More ❯

Gregory S. Hirtzel

Greg Hirtzel Obtains Defense Verdict

Greg Hirtzel obtained a defense verdict in a Lancaster County jury trial. Plaintiff, a motorcyclist, alleged that the defendant driver made a negligent left turn, causing an accident. Plaintiff suffered catastrophic injuries, including permanent brain injuries and significant hand, wrist and arm disability. The case was defended on negligence and causation, as the defense maintained… Read More ❯

FHMS Initials

Event Data Recorder Technology Admissibility in Pennsylvania Discussed

The Graham Company recently sent a case summary prepared by FHMS attorney’s Joe Fowler and Faye Hellman regarding the admissibility of event data recorder technology in Pennsylvania. Read Full Article

Joseph R. Fowler

U.S. Airways Seeks Transfer of Injury Suit to Federal Court

From the Pennsylvania Record February 27, 2014 By JON CAMPISI An attorney for U.S. Airways has petitioned a federal judge to take up a personal injury case that was initiated in state court by a woman who says she sustained severe knee and other injuries after tripping over a misplaced floor mat at Philadelphia International… Read More ❯